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Hurricane Hill Development Company has worked on numerous commercial photovoltaic designs and installations, cell tower/antenna projects (primarily with design), and brought numerous products through the regulatory compliance process. H2DC offers electrical engineering design services, as well as project management within the areas of renewable energy, electrical construction and RF compliance, be it tower work or regulatory compliance.

H2DC works to promote alternative energy projects at both the local and national levels. For more information about our projects, click here.



H2DC strives to improve energy efficiency through careful evaluation of energy use and the implementation of energy-saving measures. We will conduct an audit of energy use of the organization or facility. Based on our audit we will create a plan of action for maximizing energy efficiency and cost-savings; in addition we can aid in the plan’s execution. As part of this service we can provide cost-saving measures across the entire energy sustainability platform. H2DC also provides this service on a consultant basis to businesses looking to implement alternative energy and cost-saving measures. We can help to deliver a financial case for energy efficiency projects, allowing for better business decisions to add value and save costs while making your business more “green.”

Utility providers and both state and federal governments are offering a variety of incentives to businesses and property owners who install alternative energy systems. Our team will help with the administrative details to identify and apply for incentives to help offset the cost of your investment.


H2DC will manage your renewable project from beginning to end. We have experienced and licensed project management professionals on our team to ensure each project is overseen with accuracy. We will work directly with you to ensure all details of your project are addressed and deliver the completed project on time and on budget.


Many companies are now aware that they must comply with the OSHA/NFP 70E electrical safety mandate—Arc Flash Safety. In the US alone, 5-7 daily arc flash incidents occur in workplaces, always ending in burn and hospital treatments, with a staggering financial impact in excess of $750,000 per incident. With increased power usage, combined with an aging electrical infrastructure, we foresee greater arc flash incident risk in the future. Most companies do not have the expertise to interpret, assess and implement an energized electrical safety program. Safe Power Engineering provides comprehensive Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Coordination Studies. Our qualified engineers have over 50 years of experience in the power distribution business, working with multiple regulatory bodies (including NEC, OSHA, IEEE and NFP) and are long-standing members of IEEE. We also have staff that are Registered Professional Engineers (PE) in over 30 states.


OSHA and the FCC require notification for workers and the general public when working in the environment of radio frequencies, particularly those from cell antennas/towers. The non-ionizing radiation emitted from these devices must be carefully analyzed to understand exposure levels and associated risks. Communications towers need verification with FCC Bulletin 65 from the Office of Engineering & Technology. Often inter-modulation studies reveal incompatibilities between carriers. H2DC has reviewed, modified and approved numerous reports for each of these areas of concentration, and served as Engineer-of-Record for the same.


H2DC can provide all aspects of regulatory compliance services, including report review and sealing of reports for predictive radio frequency modeling of communications antennas, intermodulation studies, international regulatory compliance services for IT and networking systems, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and mechanical areas of practice to NEBS, FCC, CE marking, ANSI, RFI, EMI, UL, ETL, MIL-STD, and many other standards.


H2DC will custom design a complete electrical distribution system to suit your needs and add value to your property. We use the latest technology and tools to create each project and provide electrical engineering assessments as needed to complete the design process—for both rooftop and ground mount structures.