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“Of the nearly one hundred wind sites we visited and filmed, Over Yonder Cay had the best team work and leadership on it's 'Mill Three project.”

Turbine Cowboys film crew, The Weather Channel

“When we were a new company and couldn't justify a full-time compliance engineer, we hired H2DC to manage our new product's regulatory compliance. This was my first experience where I did not have to wait on regulatory. They took a pro-active approach, worked with the labs day-and-night and did not let up until we successfully had our ISM device through compliance. Today, our company is much larger, however H2DC is still managing our regulatory compliance, and we are happy with their work.LLC ”

Dan Seguin President
Sequence BioTech

"What makes H2DC so special is their attention to detail even under tough circumstances.  With other integrators we've had easier state-side projects get delayed.  H2DC will order one turbine for the Bahamas, transport a crane from the states, bring in crews from the UK, Australia, some from Malaysia and the schedule won't slip a day."

Matt Lewis
Northern Power Systems



Over Yonder Cay IslandH2DC has worked on numerous alternative/renewable energy design projects, as well as acting as owners representative, for over $50 million in solar projects in the state of New Jersey alone. Working as a contract service provider, H2DC acts as the Engineer of Record (EOR) for 40MW of photovoltaic projects throughout the state of Massachusetts. We have about 20 active customers of various sizes in the photovoltaic business space and have designed, or contributed to the design of, approximately 100MW of photovoltaic projects. H2DC has worked on projects in the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands and in the Greater Caribbean. In the Greater Caribbean, H2DC has performed work on Over Yonder Cay, Bonds Cay, and Little Halls Pond Cay (Johnny Depp’s Island). Over Yonder Cay is the world's first entirely renewable energy powered island of its size—designed and developed by H2DC.

Watch local news coverage of the Yonder Cay Project.


Image of a cell tower Communications towers need verification with FCC Bulletin 65 from the Office of Engineering & Technology. Often inter-modulation studies reveal incompatibilities between carriers. H2DC has reviewed, modified, approved, and stamped numerous reports for each of these areas of concentration, and served as Engineer-of-Record for the same.


electrical complianceH2DC has helped many organizations and agencies meet Regulatory Compliance Standards. Types of testing include FCC emissions, CE mark, MIL-STD, UL, ETL, CCC, BSMI, VCCI, DoC, ANSI, IEEE, OATS, electromagnetic compatibility, product safety, environmental, shock and vibe, and many others.